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COVID-19 Statement - Ongoing

To all our Customers,

With COVID-19 affecting our hospitality, food and tourism industry.
The well-being of our staff and customers is our top priority.

01-05-20 Our online deli/shop has gone live and is now open for orders.

01-05-20 We have changed our opening hours to Wednesday and Saturday 10am to 4pm for collections only until further notice.

13-04-20 We are now opening also on Fridays 10:30 - 2pm for collections. We will also be doing some deliveries to the most vulnerable. Orders must be in by 4pm on Thursday.

06-04-20 Registered menu and details with Kernow Health CIC website and food boxes have been added to the web link which will be/has been shared to all health and care staff.

30-03-20 We will open the deli for collections on Wednesdays 10:30 - 2pm. We will also be doing some deliveries to the most vulnerable. Orders must be in by 4pm on Tuesday.

20-03-20 Following the Governments recent instructions that Cafes must close we are now sadly shut.  We are still baking and can deliver fresh bread, deli items and groceries by appointment.

17-03-20 We will be closing at 3pm for the forseable future as all after school clubs are now cancelled.

16-03-20 We are still baking fresh bread daily and have increased production to take away.

11-03-20 Our deli and cafe are open as usual for the foreseeable future.
We have a few temporary measures in place for everyone’s personal hygiene,
Please bring your bank cards and use contactless where possible.
We will not be accepting personal takeaway drink containers. Cutlery, salt, pepper and sugar will all be handed out separately.
We are sanitising tables after every use and all other frequently used surfaces as usual.
To respect the health and safety of our staff and families if you are feeling unwell please do not come to the cafe.
Remember to shop local through all of this, it’s the small businesses that are most vulnerable at this time.
We are all taking responsible measures to ensure top notch service and hygiene.

We will update this information as things change.

Stay safe and well. Daniel Rebecca & Charlie xx