The Wrecking Coast Distillery

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The Wrecking Coast Distillery is excited to announce the launch of our first gin - The Wrecking Coast Cornish Clotted Cream Gin.

Born in Tintagel. Born to be enjoyed.

We believe it’s the little touches that make the big differences.
That’s why we handcraft our gin in small batches, bringing together traditional gin flavours with luxurious cornish clotted cream.

We distill tiny batches, bottling a mere 100 bottles at a time, hand filling and finishing every bottle to ensure quality and consistency.

Following the tradition of Cornish innovation, we have embraced new technology, eschewing traditional doctrine. Our stills are lab grade glassware, blown to our specification and high tech stainless steel hot stills from Holland. Our fine control over process enables us to push the boundaries and create the perfect flavour profile.

Our gin stands proud against the strongest of tonics and blossoms with a simple garnish of lemon zest or pink grapefruit. It works tremendously well as a sipping drink, the slight sweetness from the cream and warmth from the spices balancing the traditional pine and earth notes of juniper.

We’re proud of our gin We’ve enjoyed the adventure of creation and sharing our premium spirit. We hope you will join us.